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Silverlight Application Development

LatinHackers is known in the market for its reputation and expertise in Silverlight development. However, before discussing the benefits and pros and cons of Silverlight development, the near perfect definition of the application is required.

It is a framework of application that is used to run and write rich internet applications, applications like Adobe Flash etc.

for example. While the plug-ins are easily available, the Microsoft Silverlight Software Development stresses not only on streaming of media, but, nowadays, it also focuses on the graphics, multimedia and animation quotients too.

Microsoft Silverlight Software Development came into the market on 5th September, 2007. The operating systems those can run this software are Operating System X (OS X), Microsoft Windows, and Symbian Operating System (Symbian OS). The types of this software has run time environment and multimedia and application framework.

There have been five versions of Silverlight application development by Microsoft since the release of the Software. While the first one was released in 2007 on its launch in the market, the last version was launched on 8th May, 2012.


There are umpteen advantages of Microsoft Silverlight Software Development, a few among which are as follows-

  • The results provided by the software are of the secured content genre.
  • Cross linking with a variety of browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and so on and so fore are possible.
  • Quite a number of most used programming languages, for instance, C, C++, C#, Java, AJAX etc is supported by the Silverlight software.
  • Integration with Adobe Flex or Flash to develop richer web content and applications is also supported by the Silverlight application development.
  • It also supports the most convenient .NET and Microsoft Visual Basic frameworks of technologies, both of which are produced by Microsoft.
  • Silverlight development also provides effective solutions on mobile development of Windows mobile series of the 7th number.

Services offered:

Among the various services offered by LatinHackers, the first and foremost is troubleshooting of all kinds of problems pertaining to Silverlight application development. LatinHackers offers Microsoft Silverlight Software Development even though it will be off the market from April 2015, and is competent in providing the software with convenience and expertise.

While on 2013, the Microsoft Company, the mother company of Silverlight development, decided to put an end to the development of the software, and they stressed on the availability of bug fixes and patches despite the embargo on the software. However, LatinHackers can deal both the entirety of the software and individual problems like bug fixing and alike.

Why choose us?

LatinHackers has been known for its excellent customer service of Microsoft Silverlight Software Development not only during the ongoing transaction, but pre and post sales too. You cannot only contact them at your slightest inconvenience or for any query, but can also ask for their assistance on the after sales note too. Contacting them is easy and the customer service executives appointed by the company answer to all the queries all throughout the year on all days, 24 hours.

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