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Magento Mobile Commerce

We all understand the importance of mobile commerce these days as if there is something that we see in everyone’s hands, then that is either a smartphone or a tablet. Smartphone and tablets is nothing less than computers and most people fulfill all their internet needs via their phones. These phones and tablets are nothing without the vast numbers of applications those are installed in them. Online shopping has got its much need push due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets. Whether it is buying something new or checking reviews before buying a new product, most people make use of their smartphones these days.

Magento mobile app is amongst the most popular apps as far as online shopping is concerned and if you are planning to develop an online shopping cart system, then using Magento would offer you many benefits. Magento mobile platform offers many advantages in terms of payment gateways and theme customization and here at LatinHackers, our in-house developers would easily turn your ecommerce store into a Magento iPhone app or Magento Android app so that your store is always on the go and your customers are able to shop no matter whether they are. We develop user friendly Magento mobile ecommerce stores to ensure maximum sales and profit.

Services offered

Magento Mobile Store Development

We being a premium Magento store app builder offer you all types of services related to Magento store building. Our developers can integrate different functionalities to ensure that you customers are able to locate what they are looking for easily and do not face any difficulty while shopping. We ensure that your customer experience an amazing shopping experience so that come back again to your store.

Magento Theme Development

The best thing about having aMagento mobile store is that you have varieties of themes to choose from so that you have a mobile optimized site that looks attractive. We can even change the existing theme of your site, if you are unhappy with the same. Selecting the right theme is very important as that is the first thing that your customers would look at. With LatinHackers, you can customize the themes so that it matches your brands and the products you sell.

Magento Extension Development

Magento mobile extensions are available in plenty meaning you have a Magento mobile ecommerce store that is highly functional and loaded with features. With features like product catalogue and secured payment gateways, you are sure to get the best with us. Our Magento mobile store would offer you something much more than just a mere shopping experience so that they enjoy it to the fullest.

Why choose us?

LatinHackers is a premium website development and mobile app development company in Mexico and we have catered to the needs of many customers who are more than satisfied with our quality of services.

We offer you seamless integration of different modules so that you can manage your store easily and also keep a track of your accounts. We offer 24x7 customer service as well.

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