Cloud App Development

Cloud App Development

Cloud App Development

Today's time is largely dependent on technology in various spheres of life, professional or personal.

This age which is driven by technology has given birth to a lot of new devices which has aided to our activities largely by making our lives easier.

One such device which we have adapted and are dependent on is Smartphone.

Smartphones has led to us using a host of applications for our day to day purposes.

An app is a program which runs on a Smartphone or tablet constructed to solve the problems related to a particular type.

It is benefiting in numerous ways to the users. Another type of apps that has gained immense popularity among a lot of businesses is known as cloud apps.

They are slowly substituting the native apps in the industry.

What is a cloud app?

Cloud apps are programs that are designed to work on web servers instead of any specific device. This advantage immediately cuts out the question of compatibility with a specific set of specifications which would be present while using native apps. A cloud app has numerous advantages over a native app. Let us go through a few of them -

  • Cloud apps need not to be downloaded and can be accessed on any device that has support for a web browser. This is a huge advantage of cloud apps over native apps as this feature immediately dismisses the issue of compatibility and storage.
  • Cloud application development is inexpensive as compared to development of the native apps.
  • The maintenance and up keeping of the programs is not the responsibility of the users, but it vests in the hands of the cloud app vendor.
  • Since it is a web based platform, cloud apps have an universal interface which is not in the case of the native apps.
  • The updating and renewing process of the apps are taken care for by the vendors and not the users as these apps are stored and maintained by the cloud app vendors themselves. This keeps the interface of the apps updated and modern and all the users are able to avail these changes on an immediate basis.

From above, it is quite evident that for the majority of businesses, using a cloud app is a matter of multiple advantages owing to the edge it has over the native apps. A lot of cloud computing companies offer cloud computing services to its users. This has led to more businesses changing from native apps to cloud apps as their choice of application.

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